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Why your school need a System


School Management Software in Malaysia. How School, College, University Management Software is going to help you to manage your Institute!

Why your institute need a good School Management Software?

myCampusSquare is very flexible, user friendly school management system. myCampusSquare Management software designed for college/institute, tutor, staff, parents, students and for many others who are working in your institute.

A school needs a good management software which can manage from A to Z, as like managing unlimited student, staff, tutor database. Manage enrollment, admission, issue offer letter, easy update students status(active, withdrawal, terminated, graduated), any kind of announcement to the students and parents, yearly calendar, class timetable, daily class attendance, class replacement, auto generated warning letter to the students, HOLD students, lesson plan, marking system, mark publish, result and grade card, multi grade scheme setup, various analytical reports and download in excel, issue course completion certificate, tuition fee management, issue invoice to the parents/students, online fees collection, integrate local and international bank accounts, auto generated payment receipt, mobile SMS integration, WhatsApp notification integration, manage foreign students and their VISA, get advance alert on student’s VISA expiry, capture students entry and exit information, update staffs status, employee leave management, employee payroll management, agent system, students recruitment system, agent commission and account system, manage multiple institute from one system and many more features..

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Details features explanation –

Manage Unlimited Student, Parent, Staff, Tutor

myCampusSquare college management software makes the entire management process of college smooth, efficient and fast. College have vast amount of data on unlimited student, parent, staff, tutor. Therefore storing, updating, editing, deleting of user’s data become very easy. Handling data through myCampusSquare college management software is totally error free.

Application and Enrollment Management

As a cloud-based management software makes it possible to access anytime from anywhere. But it does not mean that this system is freely access to everyone.

Online submission process makes easy Admission and Enrollment process. Through this online enrollment process your college always stand one step ahead over other colleges.

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Calendar, Class Timetable and Attendance Management Software
This system helps you to create yearly programme calendar, yearly-monthly-semester wise class timetable which help college to take their daily students class/subject/day attendance on a regular basis without any hassle.

Beyond that, by using mycampussquare colleges are able to manage class rooms, labs, library etc., create and manage multiple class group and batches – easy to add and removed students and swipe from one to another class.

Exam Management System

This management software has features to manage examination steps. Directly tutors can update, delete and edit marks from anywhere. They can generate grade card, transcript, various reports automatically by myCampuSquare management software.

This management software reduces a lot of time and saves money for the schools and enhances tutor’s and staff’s performance.

Tuition Fees Management System

When times comes for college tuition fees payment or before semester, usually college campus is packed with student or parents who queue to get a turn to pay their fees. By providence myCampusSquare college management software already provides a platform for the online payments.

Online Fees Collection and Integrate Local Banks

Allow student to pay online with multiple online payment methods.

Announcement via Mobile SMS

myCampusSquare college management system have a feature that associate parents, students, tutors and staffs. In a few click’s college management can quickly send emails or SMS messages to all selected students or parents as well as tutors.

Various Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Reports and Download in Excel

This online management system provides many types of benefits and reduces pen paper manual jobs. It is much easier to keep data on the cloud of myCampusSquare management software than on excel sheets.

Eventually, if you wish to keep data on excel sheets to save in your computer. In a few click’s you can download in excel.

And many more exciting features –

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List of our clients who are using myCampusSquare – Our Clients
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