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School Franchise Management System & Features

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myCampusSquare School Franchise Management Software & Features

👨‍🎓 Manage Unlimited Student, Parent, Staff, Tutor

myCampusSquare college management software makes the entire management process of college smooth, efficient and fast. College have vast amount of data on unlimited student, parent, staff, tutor. 


Therefore storing, updating, editing, deleting of user’s data become very easy. Handling data through myCampusSquare college management software is totally error free.


💵 Manage Payments (Accounts)

When times comes for college tuition fees payment or before semester, usually college campus is packed with student or parents who queue to get a turn to pay their fees. By providence myCampusSquare college management software already provides a platform for the online payments.


📄 Manage Multiple Institute

Using this system every other institute who ever want to get franchise, they have to apply online and get approval and MOU through online. Management all other centers and branches from one system.


💆‍♀️ Reduces Workload
🌳 Saves Natural Resources